Q and A’s | Commando Series
16/17 OCT 2021

Quickfire Q&A's

“How fit do I need to be?”

The bottom line is you can walk round the course and many people will. But we do recommend that you do some training.

“Is it timed?”

No, you do your course.

“Who’s it for?”

Anyone who fancies the challenge.

“How long will it take me to complete the course?”

The average time for 6km is 1 hour

Will I get wet and do I have to be able to swim?

You will almost certainly get wet and no, swimming is not a requirement for this event.

“Is there drinking water and nutrition on the course?”


“What’s the minimum age?”

8 (under 11’s must be accompanied by an adult).

“Why is the minimum age 8?”

Because some of the obstacles have minimum height restrictions.

“Can I do it with my child?”

Yes, as long as they are with you throughout the course.

“What time does the event start?”

The first wave will be at 9am

"Is there a spectator fee?"

Yes. Adults (16yrs+) £12. Children (6-15yrs) £6. Spectators are welcome and encouraged and this payment gives you a full range of the stunning grounds. As the course circumnavigates the Hever Castle estate there are several spectating areas.  Along with the spectacular Hever castle gardens and visitors entertainment, the event village promises to be a hive of activity including retail outlets, music and food and drink vendors.

“Is access to the castle allowed?”

There is a small entry fee for the Hever Castle.

“Are dogs allowed?”

Not on the course but your spectators can bring them as long as they are kept on leads.

“What should I wear?”

You will be provided with a Commando t-shirt on arrival.  We suggest you wear running clothing or military style combats/ cargo pants if you have got them.  Either way just make sure you have long sleeves and something covering your knees!

“What are the terms and conditions?”

Click here for the detailed terms and conditions.