Glossary | Commando Series
16/17 OCT 2021

"The yomp today was gopping. Gen dit."

Say what?!

Here’s our essential guide to have you speaking like a commando come November.


Angry, fed up. I’m absolutely threaders about this weather.

“Gen Dit”

Genuine story. Honestly mate, gen dit.


Good, new and/or expensive equipment. That is a Gucci piece of kit.


Attractive or in good physical condition. That Marine is essence.


Nasty, horrible, unenjoyable. That exercise was totally gopping.


Warm beverage. Can I get a hot wet?

“Redders & Icers”

Boiling hot and freezing cold. That exercise went from redders to icers.


Eating. All you ever do is sit there scranning.


Commando bedrooms. Inside the grots.

“Hanging out"

Suffering badly. I’m hanging out after the yomp.


Marching long distances. We’ve got a 30-mile yomp tomorrow.


Nickname for a Marine. Derived from the leather Marines used to cut from their boots and wrap around their necks to stop their throats being cut.


Dark. Its pitchers tonight.

Run Ashore

Short leave or a night out.