9/10 Nov 2019
Enter 2019 EarlyBird Discount
Enter 2019 EarlyBird Discount

From tunnels to tubes, what awaits you on D-Day in Hever?

The 6km or 12km course includes replicas of the Royal Marines Endurance, Assault and Tarzan courses (the official Commando tests).

The 6km or 12km course will have 24 obstacles apiece, with each obstacle having two levels depending on the type of participant and Commando instructor treating you in the way you choose. And it’s up to you what level you pick.

21, The Wall 20.  Gate Vault 19. Sheep Dip 18. Wobbly Bridge 17. The Chasm 16. The Blocker 15. The Frogger 14. Raiders of the Lost Commando 13. River Cross 12. Creepy-Crawly 11. Peters Pool 10. Catacombs of Doom 9. Leap of Faith 8. Doom Drop 7. The Scramble 6. Monkey Bars 5. Slippery Slope 4. The Wires 3. Smarty Tubes 2. Tunnel Rats 1. Estuarine Emersion
Levels on offer
  • 1 – Treat me like a Commando
    The experience will see you having the real deal. Commando instructors will beast you through the course in this endurance test of a lifetime.
  • 2 – Just get me round
    For adult first-timers, older kids who are capable and first timers to obstacle racing, Commando instructors will support and motivate you with insider tips.
  • 3 – We are family
    For young children and families to compete together with support and encouragement from the PTIs.