10/11 Nov 2018

Extend your stay

Why not immerse yourself in the experience and become a Commando for the weekend? Available Saturday 11th November, places are limited so book early.

Commando 3hr survival experience: £45

This intensive 3 hour Commando course will teach you many of the essentials of survival including fire making, water gathering, hunting, navigation and food required to survive. You will require warm clothing, rugged footwear, hat and gloves and above all the ability to think ‘ out of the box’. You are going to be taught how threads of your clothing can be the key to sustaining a fire, how the surrounding environment can provide enough calories to survive and how to ensure the water you drink is clean. What we require from you is an open mind in order that you can embrace the array of techniques, food and skills you will be taught. Being a Commando is a way of life and if embraced it will aid you every day in the tasks you undertake.

The Bivouac experience (authentic Commando camping): £35 – 2 person experience

Commando Series is offering the opportunity to camp in the castle grounds with a set up to mirror the real deal. We will provide the shelter, sleeping system and expertise required to ‘survive’ the night, don’t worry we won’t make you dig a latrine, there are toilets on site.

This bivvy experience will teach you a small part of a ‘Commandos’ routine. The ability to construct a shelter utilising the surrounding area in order to provide the Commando with an environment in which they may rest and recover,  however still maintaining the camouflage, mutual support and security required at all times. Tuition will include a variety of ways of constructing these shelters before settling down to prepare for the rigours of the following day. We suggest you bring adequate warm kit, rugged footwear, hat and above all the mentality to learn, adapt and overcome problems that most people dare not attempt.

1hr survival experience: £15 (Event day )

This experience aims to teach the rudiments of survival including topics such as fire making, shelter, water and food gathering. We organise several 1 hour long experiences at the event, so you can plan your day accordingly. Simply pay online , then on arrival at the event, book at time that suits you.

Purchase this experience via the online shop option

Camping 2 person pitch from:  £25

Prefer you own creature comforts on the camping front. Book a pitch onsite, literally a 2 minute walk from the event village.