9/10 Nov 2019
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KitBrix Military Style 7 step approach to packing your kit for your Commando Race day and daily training kit

KitBrix Military Style 7 step approach to packing your kit for your Commando Race day and daily training kit

Know that feeling after your first day of camping when all your neatly packed items are now all over the place like some type of kit bomb site!? As the OCR season approaches make sure you get in to good order for all your events from the beginning.

Everyone is unique and has different requirements and there are obvious key requirements but your methodology and approach to get an organisation style that suits you will save you time and energy in the long run.

Lay out all of the items you wish to pack onto a flat surface, such as a bed or table. It is easier to determine the best order to place your belongings if they are within eyesight.

Roll any loose items of clothing in to small balls and secure. Put any socks into the shoes you will pack; this takes advantage of the often-wasted packing space.

Fold T-shirts, base layers in half lengthwise, and then roll them tightly to form cylinders. Hold them in the roll with a rubber band or KitBrix KitStraps, if desired. Loose items of clothing can be messy and loose, do you need them? If so, strap them up.

Place toiletries together in a zippered plastic bag or the underside of your KitBrix lid. The plastic provides a barrier to protect your belongings in the event of a leak.

Label or divide your kit! You can label your KitBrix for different rides, disciplines etc with the id pouches and icons, and items strapped up inside can be easily sorted but any loose items – get in to see through bags or into the KitBrix pockets so all is clear and easy to get to.

Be strict with yourself! Dirty kit, out of DobiPak or DryBag and straight in to the wash, then back in to your KitBrix. Small effort, maximum time advantage and you will never lose kit and equipment again.

Don’t worry, you wont hurt your KitBrix! Jet wash it, bleach it, get it clean and ready for your kit from the wash. Packed, Stacked. Ready to go at a moments notice…just like a Commando.

No fuss, just organised kit #keepittogether