Commando Series through the eyes of Roz McGinty | Commando Series
16/17 OCT 2021

Commando Series through the eyes of Roz McGinty

Commando Series through the eyes of Roz McGinty

This year’s event will be the second time Roz has taken part in the event. Roz is a guide and supports competitor, Alison Mead, to take part in the event as she is visually impaired and not able to compete by herself.

We asked Roz a few questions ahead of the event:

Q: Who are you competing with?

A: I’m guiding for my friend Alison Mead who is visually impaired as The Commando is even beyond the capabilities of her very clever guide dog Ted.

Q: Have you completed Commando before?

A: We completed The Commando last year and it was definitely the highlight of my race season. It’s not for the faint hearted and I was speechless at the courage Alison had to complete the obstacles not being able to see anything. She showed zero fear!

Q: How is this challenge working as a team?

A: Team events are always highly rewarding and this event is no exception. In fact guiding for someone makes it all the more rewarding.

Q: Would you recommend this event to others?

A: I would highly recommend this event to others and have been ever since we completed it last year. We can’t wait to find out what lies in wait for us this year! We are both incredibly grateful to Castle Triathlon, The Commando and all concerned for allowing us the opportunity to participate.

Roll on five weeks time!