9/10 Nov 2019
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Commando Series: The most adventurous camping experience

Commando Series: The most adventurous camping experience

Take on the survival training experience alongside the full Commando course

Camping trips don’t get more adventurous than the experience of camping overnight and training, just like a Royal Marine Commando would. This November, Commandos-in-training can get together and experience true survival conditions in the Commando Series at Kent’s Hever Castle on 13th – 14th November.

Camping overnight on either the Bivouac experience or the Commando survival experience, potential Commandos can sleep on a roll mat, in a Gore-Tex bivy bag underneath a camouflaged tarpaulin within the stunning grounds of Hever Castle. For those who want the full Commando survival experience, our highly qualified Commando instructors will take you through your paces and teach you the basics and guiding principles of survival. Participants will take part in an intensive three-hour course to learn the rudiments of survival. Recruits will be involved in a true rabbit hunting experience and cooking their meat, fire making, digging and building shelters, water gathering and navigation.

A night of camping on 13th November will be followed by the Commando course itself, a 6km obstacle challenge which gives everyone at all abilities the opportunity to experience the mud, sweat and pain of real, modern day, Commando training. To start the day ‘recruits’ will enter the event village resembling a military encampment where your team will change and ‘cam up’.

Participants will then take on 15 gruelling obstacles over a “wild” terrain course, many of which are designed to be exact replicas of the training obstacles faced at the Royal Marines Commando Training Centre. Less challenging variants of each activity will sit alongside so everyone can have a go. You decide just how tough you want to be treated though, with the option of selecting “just get me round” or “treat me like a Commando” at online race entry stage.

The course has been designed as a circuit, so for those who find that conquering the course once isn’t enough, a second time around will prove your Commando credentials.

The Bivouac experience (authentic Commando camping) is priced at £35 per person. The Commando survival experience is £45. Tickets for the day time Commando are priced at £75 for adults and £40 for children.