9/10 Nov 2019
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Bootcamp of the month: Aldridge FitClub

Bootcamp of the month: Aldridge FitClub

Aldridge FitClub (AFC) has bee established for 5 years, after working for large corporate gyms for over 10 years the founders saw an opportunity to set up a group style personal training environment where all you have to do is turn up; AFC provide the workout and motivation!

The Buzz word for these style of workouts is defiantly BOOTCAMP!

In the same way you’d train for any pre season at an elite sporting level or achieve the level of fitness required to join the armed forces, their Bootcamp is a structured 12 week programme focusing on fitness improvement, body fat loss, increased strength, core conditioning and is open to anyone who is interested. AFC focus on educating our clients in both exercise and the importance of quality nutrition. They offer a unique fitness system that you wont find in any main stream health centre.

Ian Dempsey and Jack Dyer are owners and coaches at Aldridge FitClub, both coming from sporting backgrounds, Ian as a swimmer and now long distance triathlete and Jack as a professional footballer. Both Ian and Jack lead by example at Fitclub showing clients the benefits of living a healthy clean lifestyle and the importance of having realistic goals, whether that be short term weight loss goals or long term goals such as completing a 10k, half marathon, marathon, triathlon or obstacle course race.