Individuals | Commando Series
16/17 OCT 2021

It’s up to you what level you pick.

  • 1. Treat me like a Commando
    The experience will see you having the real deal. Commando instructors will beast you through the course in this endurance test of a lifetime.
  • 2. Just get me round
    For adult first-timers, older kids who are capable and first timers to obstacle racing, Commando instructors will support and motivate you with insider tips.
  • 3. We are family
    For young children and families to compete together with support and encouragement from the PTIs. Children must be aged 8 and up and accompanied by an adult during the challenge.

The course will have 24 obstacles, with each obstacle having two levels depending on the type of participant and Commando instructor treating you in the way you choose.



Serving Royal Marines Discount

If you are currently serving in the royal marines, you are eligible for a 25% discounted race. Please email Katie on with your full name, the unit you are currently serving in and your service number. You will then be provided with a unique code to receive your discount.