The Team | Commando Series
16/17 OCT 2021


From piloting Royal Marines helicopters to organising the UK's biggest triathlon series, the Commando Series team are hugely experienced in both military operations and major event organising.

Brian Adcock

Title: Brian Adcock
Rank: Commander in Chief (CINC)

Brian spent seven years serving in Her Majesty’s Royal Marines as a helicopter pilot. As well as holding the Tarzan/Assault course record for two years, Brian went on to become a troop commander at 42 Commando Royal Marines.

Soon after going “outside”, Brian set-up Matrix Events Limited; the owners of the Castle Triathlon Series, Run Or Dye Europe and one of the leading mass participation event organisers in Europe.

Watson Adcock

Title: Watson Adcock
Rank: Commander in Chief Post and Security, The Commando Series

The longest serving member of the team.

Richard Griffin

Title: Richard Griffin
Rank: Commander in Chief Operations, The Commando Series

For the last 17 years he has served in various operational environments, including Iraq and Afghanistan.

He now heads up the Operational team who have designed and created the Commando Series course/challenges.

Bart Ledger

Title: Bart Ledger
Rank: Commander in Chief Motivation, The Commando Series

A serving Sergeant in The Royal Marines, Bart spends his time training recruits to be the best they can be. His technique is tough and cheeky. Bart will take the lead for the competitor trainees warm up and motivate everyone around the course.

Title: Zoë Quirk
Rank: Commander in Chief Communications, The Commando Series

Title: Tosh Reilly
Rank: Commander in Chief Recruitment, The Commando Series

Title: Becky Bailey
Rank: Commander in Chief Trainee care, The Commando Series

Title: Irene Rea
Rank: Commander in Chief HQ and Finance, The Commando Series