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11/12 Nov 2017
Next Event
11/12 Nov 2017

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Commando recruits can read their latest orders and get regular news bulletins on the Series here.

What is the Sheep Dip?

A 2m long and wide submerged drainage pipe.

MEET one of our Commando Instructors for some advice on tackling the SHEEP DIP.

Sports lovers are being sought to join an ancient game that takes place once a year in Kent on a pitch more than a mile long.

Commando team get stuck in for charity

Wondering why you should take on the Commando Series? Here’s our top 10 reasons for you to take on the challenge!

Top 10 reasons to do the Commando Series

We are celebrating “leap” day with our own proposal; bring a partner along to Commando for FREE if you sign up today (Monday 29th February).

Leap day offer

Know that feeling after your first day of camping when all your neatly packed items are now all over the place like some type of kit bomb site!? As the OCR season approaches make sure you get in to good order for all your events from the beginning.

KitBrix Military Style 7 step approach to packing your kit for your Commando Race day and daily training kit

These 5 rules are what contribute to Survival. All sound basic, which they are, but, are what good Survival depend on.

Five Golden Rules Of Survival

This weekend saw 700 of the toughest men, women and even children (8 years and over) take on the first Commando Series, a 6km/12km 15 obstacle and endurance challenge at Hever Castle in Kent. Tackling exact replicas of the obstacles used by the Royal Marine Commandos at the Training Centre in Devon, participants showed their true grit and determination to make it across the wild terrain course.


Take on the survival training experience alongside the full Commando course

Camping trips don’t get more adventurous than the experience of camping overnight and training, just like a Royal Marine Commando would. This November, Commandos-in-training can get together and experience true survival conditions in the Commando Series at Kent’s Hever Castle on 13th – 14th November.

Commando Series: The most adventurous camping experience

If you are currently serving in the royal marines, you are eligible for a 50% discounted race.

The Commando Series experience has just gotten tougher. Commandos-in-training now have the option of taking on the course for a second time, tackling a total of 12km and each of the 15 obstacles for a second time. Participants can also experience what real Commando training is like adding the weight of the full Commando kit to carry around the whole course.