News | Commando Series - Part 2
16/17 OCT 2021

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Obstacle racing, mud runs, and mucky challenges will have you tested with a variety of different obstacles that could have your palms sweating in anticipation. I have seen my fair share of unusual and unique obstacles come up in my years of racing, but there are a few that keep coming up in one form or another in every race. Here is a look at how to conquer 3 of the best.

Commando Training Tips from Cherry Active Ltd.

For anyone who has entered an obstacle style event, be prepared for a full test of your overall fitness level! Cardiovascular, upper and lower body strength, flexibility, core strength and mental toughness.

Preparing for Commando

Aldridge FitClub (AFC) has bee established for 5 years, after working for large corporate gyms for over 10 years the founders saw an opportunity to set up a group style personal training environment where all you have to do is turn up; AFC provide the workout and motivation!

The Buzz word for these style of workouts is defiantly BOOTCAMP!

Bootcamp of the month: Aldridge FitClub

I did my first obstacle race in Sept 2014 with a group of around 10 friends from an outdoor fitness group, Wildfit. Truth be told none of us really knew what we were signing up for, like sheep we followed the loudest person – who said it would be fun.

My first OCR experience

Per Mare Per Terram ‘By Land By Sea’: Junior Commando, Arthur Adcock (12 years old) undertook a sail run challenge in the Channel Islands with his father and our Commando in Chief over the bank holiday weekend covering 250 sea miles and 40 land miles.

Junior Commando Expedition

23 April 1918

This time 98 years a go, there was an operation to deny the Germans the use of the canal at Zeebrugge, a port in Belgium that was conducted jointly between the Navy and the Royal Marines.

Commando MEMORABLE DATE: The Raid on Zeebrugge

More people than ever are taking part in OCR events or Obstacle course races. Whether you are looking to complete an event or compete in an event, make sure you are prepared with a decent nutritional strategy and fuel up.

4 tips for fuelling your OCR

What is the Sheep Dip?

A 2m long and wide submerged drainage pipe.

MEET one of our Commando Instructors for some advice on tackling the SHEEP DIP.

Sports lovers are being sought to join an ancient game that takes place once a year in Kent on a pitch more than a mile long.

Commando team get stuck in for charity

Wondering why you should take on the Commando Series? Here’s our top 10 reasons for you to take on the challenge!

Top 10 reasons to do the Commando Series