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11/12 Nov 2017
Next event
11/12 Nov 2017

Extend your stay

Why not immerse yourself in the experience and become a Commando for the weekend? Available Friday 10th and Saturday 11th November, places are limited so book early.

Commando survival experience: £45

This intensive three-hour course will teach you the rudiments of survival covering the following topics; fire making, shelter, water gathering, hunting and navigation. Our highly qualified Commando instructors will take you through your paces and teach you the basics and guiding principles of survival.

The Bivouac experience (authentic Commando camping): £35

Commando Series will offer the opportunity to camp in the castle grounds with a set up to mirror the real deal. For £35 per 2 man / or woman bivy you get to sleep on a roll mat, in a sleeping bag in a goretex bivy bag underneath a camouflaged tarpaulin. Don’t worry we won’t make you dig a latrine there are toilets on site.

Camping 2 person pitch from:  £25

Prefer you own creature comforts on the camping front. Book a pitch onsite, literally a 2 minute walk from the event village.